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Where do I begin? I guess At the beginning! I live in beautiful Tasmania, Australia with my wonderful hubby, Matthew and our four angels (part time devils) Isaac, Reuben, Isabella, and Charlotte. Currently I'm a stay-at-home mum and I absolutely love that. Nothing else compares. I'm also studying the Master of Teaching part-time and I'm serving as the relief society president of our ward. I love being outside, especially in summer. I love big windows & lots of light. I love swimming, running and mowing the lawn! my favourite vegetable is carrots (or potatoes if mum's baked them) and I love fresh fruit salad. My most favourite thing to do is spend time with my precious family.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

SNOW :0)

check out Reuben in this picture...What the?????????

I know this is REALLY late but I wanted to put this up anyway. Living on a mountain is great because if it snows at around the 300m mark you know you will get some in your yard. Althought Tassie has a bit of a reputation for being a cold place and Mt Wellington gets snow almost every winter we only get snow here in Mt Nelson once a year (if we're lucky). This year it began snowing throughout the day and by 7pm we had settled snow in our back yard. The kids were so excited they could hardly sleep - hoping for a day off school. Come 7am, laying awake in my bed I knew we had more snow - it's always so quiet and peaceful . When I looked out the window I saw my car totally covered and that we had a lovely covering all over the yard. The kids' hopes were fulfilled when the school was closed due to the fact many of the teachers were unable to get to school. It was so 'cool' to have the kids home enjoying one of natures most beautiful things. I LOVE Tassie :)


Bride said...

Ohhhhh that's sooo cool! I miss Tassie winters!

Debbie said...

There's nothing like waking up to find snow everywhere, especially when you are a kid and can be bothered to go play in it.

kimmers said...

Wow! I remember it snowing once when I was serving in Sandy Bay....Sister Luo and I looked out to see big white snowflakes. We were both in a bit of shock. She had never seen snow before and was jumping up and down yelling, "It's snowing!" Before we could get a camera it turned to rain. How crazy! And even crazier that they will close school for such a small amount of snow. We still have to go to school with two feet of snow on the ground. :)

Blanche said...

I know...I think that a few highways were closed because it was quite icey. We don't get snow very often and I think we are not well equipped to deal with it on on the roads (and the subsequent ice) No one was complaining here though - anything for a day off!

The Kings said...

Hi Blanche. I found your blog through a comment on Chelsea's. Hope you dont mind me checking it out. You have a lovely family! Cute kids. How cool to have snow in your backyard!! Congrats on getting into Bachelor of Teaching too. My husband, Aaron did that and now teaches at Kings Meadow's High and LOVES it.

Blanche said...

of course I don't mind you checking out my blog...I know it wont take you long!! Your blog is amazing! How do you find time??

I'm excited about going back to uni - something different this time. I'm hoping that having a nursing and teaching degree might open up some different options. I'll be studying VERY part time so it might be a while!!