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Where do I begin? I guess At the beginning! I live in beautiful Tasmania, Australia with my wonderful hubby, Matthew and our four angels (part time devils) Isaac, Reuben, Isabella, and Charlotte. Currently I'm a stay-at-home mum and I absolutely love that. Nothing else compares. I'm also studying the Master of Teaching part-time and I'm serving as the relief society president of our ward. I love being outside, especially in summer. I love big windows & lots of light. I love swimming, running and mowing the lawn! my favourite vegetable is carrots (or potatoes if mum's baked them) and I love fresh fruit salad. My most favourite thing to do is spend time with my precious family.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tilly's Party

It was so great to have the Pages home with us for a while. I'm so bummed that while they were here I didn't get a photo with Declan! My camera is dying and the flash has stopped working. As things worked out every time we were with Jus and Declan it was night time OR I forgot to take along the camera! I'll have to talk to mum to see if she snapped any!

Anyway Tilly decided she wanted to have a birthday party while she was here with her cousins (her birthday is at the end of the month). It was a 'STAR' party and I think everyone had a wonderful time. Here are a few pics. Check out the hilarious photo of Gus!!


Charlotte and I spent the afternoon making and decorating this cake for Reuben. He loves to play Mario games on his DS (which he is currently banned from using!!!) and he is often found drawing pictures of this same character! When he arrived home from school to see the cake on the counter his face said it all!

Reuben had a really fun evening with his buddies. Here he is with two of them, Connor and Takahiro. I took these guys, along with Harrison, Reuben's cousin Elijah, and Isaac to the movies to see 'The Forbidden Kingdom'. It was a really late night by the time we dropped everyone home but it was AWESOME eh Reubs??