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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Guy...

On Saturday Matt and I spent the day at Tahune Airwalk to see Guy Sebastian live.  It was a great day out; perfect weather, relaxing picnic lunch beautiful surroundings and great entertainment.  It was quite an intimate concert (only something like 250 tickets) which really contributed to the feeling there.  It kinda felt like a big family reunion (and with half the Huon Valley population there it nearly was!!) I know Guy Sebastian isn't everyone's cup of tea but I have to admit I became an instant fan when I heard him sing for his audition in the very first Australian Idol Competition.  He is great on stage and surprisingly funny.  
I loved all of the songs he performed, which was a selection from all of his albums.  

Support act was Tassie boy DeWayne Everettsmith who was an Idol contestant in 2007. 

Check out this photo! I was standing at the side of the stage snapping a few pics 
when he noticed and gave me a little Guy Smile - he he

Matt appreciates the excellent musician Guy Sebastian is but R&B isn't really his style - not typically mine either - but he tagged along because he didn't want me to go alone.  I'm glad we went together but I really should have taken the girls with me,  there were so many mothers and daughters there and they would have loved it.  Maybe next year we can have a girls day out.


Bride said...

oh wow!!! lucky you... i would have come too
great pictures of him!
Loved the one of you too

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous family you have!

I would die to get a little Guy smile like that. I totally love him!

Thanks so much for sharing your memories and photos of what looked like a wonderful day.

Best wishes

The Kings said...

do you have a new camera!!!?

I LOVE Guy's voice. The first time he auditioned on Idol I said to Aaron he was going to win! :)

What awesome photos! Nice one.

Carmichaels said...

Beautiful photo of you...I hope one day to be able to pull off a short 'do' the way you can! Looks like a great day for it.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had been in Tassie for that Concert. I adore Guy he is an awesome talent, brilliant live.
Most gorgeous Guy I have ever met.
I wish that smile was directed at me.

Fiona said...

Should have got myself organised and come!

Toni M said...

Your blog ended up in my mail coz of a google alert on Guy Sebastian. Great reading and great to see your pics of Guy - would love to have been there. Lucky you and hubby!

Anonymous said...

"Those in the know" said 850 turned up. When you count the number of buses was surely a ton more than 250. And Guy has, according to the media, "one of the largest fan bases in Australia" its just the media USED to state otherwise. Its why he's appeared at all those massive venues usually. LOVE your photos. Thank you for the great blog. (Ex Taswegian Prins)

Anonymous said...

PS Dewayne was amazing too, beautiful voice.


Anonymous said...

stumbled upon your blog in my internet travels... beautiful photos of Guy Sebastian... what a treat to see and hear him live in those awesome surroundings...

I also love the black and white photo of you and your handsome family!

Cheers, D

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nice post

Aimee said...

haha, that 'guy smile' photo looks like it should be in a magazine! Your photography is awesome.
yep, I reckon the girlies would love a girls day out next time.

Stephen and Chernoa said...

Your so lucky:) great photography too:)

Hannah Challis said...

LOVE these photos Blanche!, so glad you guys enjoyed your day together with guy! (while we cleaned the chapel lol!)