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Where do I begin? I guess At the beginning! I live in beautiful Tasmania, Australia with my wonderful hubby, Matthew and our four angels (part time devils) Isaac, Reuben, Isabella, and Charlotte. Currently I'm a stay-at-home mum and I absolutely love that. Nothing else compares. I'm also studying the Master of Teaching part-time and I'm serving as the relief society president of our ward. I love being outside, especially in summer. I love big windows & lots of light. I love swimming, running and mowing the lawn! my favourite vegetable is carrots (or potatoes if mum's baked them) and I love fresh fruit salad. My most favourite thing to do is spend time with my precious family.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For Mia

I made this for you yesterday Mia.

And Charlotte just had to try it on!

It's in the post and on it's way to you.

Inspiration came from some dresses Bridey and I came across at the Surfers Paradise Night Market.

Cute huh?



Rebecca said...

lOVE it Blanche! Too cute - and Charlotte is adorable!

The Kings said...

Very cute - lucky Mia! :)

Hannah Challis said...

Lovely little dress - lucky Mia! Love your photos below too, what a view!

Bride said...

LOVE IT!!! sooooo cute! can't wait to get it now. she will love it too!
your so clever.... can't believe it was so quick to make, why can't i sew???
thanks Charlie for the beautiful modeling

Aimee said...

oh that's awesome...great fabrics and I love the style (and model, of course)... so cute!

Carmichaels said...

Too much sweetness going on here!! Love that dress...very clever!

Your Bella is beautiful...

ali b said...

love the dress - lucky mia!
you seem to have a lot of birthdays lately to keep you busy!!
teh concert sounds fun, lovely shot of you too.

kimmers said...

Why in the world are you good at everything? Seriously I love this. Nice work. :)

Nikki said...

Yep, I'm with everyone else! This dress is gorgeous!

http://topicdiretory.blogspot.com/ said...

She's so cute..

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