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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Enrichment Walk

Today was our first RS Enrichment 'walks of Hobart' walk.
We had a great turn out of 9. Actually that's a teensy bit misleading. There were 3 of us there plus our 5 kids and 1 dog.

On our way

The view of Beautiful Hobart from Knocklofty Reserve

Despite a chilly start, it turned out to be quite a lovely day. Carmen with Jackson, Jo with Blair, Esther, and Topaz the black lab met Charlotte, Bella (home from school sick - supposedly) and I at the Forest Rd car park . With pram loaded, baby in front pack and camera in hand - yaaaaa I finally remembered to take it!!! we took off headed for the frog pond!I think we all enjoyed the easy walk around the Knocklofty Reserve but Charlotte was super GRUMPY!

See (I've been seeing a lot of this face lately)

If anyone knows what this old building is or what it was used for please let me know :)

You can tell from this picture
just how 'sick' Bella was today.

Jo Thomasson and gorgeous little Esther...she slept almost the whole time - Esther did too!!

Carmen and her handsome little man, Jackson

What a cute kid.
I feel privileged to have a photo of him on my blog that Chernoa doesn't have on her blog.

Unfortunately I didn't get many good photos. I wasn't feeling the best today, I had the worst headache EVER!
So that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

Blair...it only took 1 1/2 hours to snatch these photos of Blair, he's an elusive little one this boy.

Yes Bella, you are obviously unwell you poor dear,
on your death bed even...NOT!
To be fair she was up half the night with tummy pains and has had no appetite for a few days - For Bella that is HUGE, she has the best appetite of anyone in our family.
So I guess the fresh air of Hobart really is magical.

Keep an eye on the Hobart ward RS blog for details of our next walk.


Anonymous said...

That old building is for locking up grumpy kids in, when you go on walks.
Love Lorraine.

The Williams family said...

cool Blanche
and hope you and the kids are feeling 100% soon
cute how Ammon and Charli are friends...when Ammon isnt being a pain :)
i was thinking...we were pregnant together so they kinda came down together :)

I am Elle said...

Sounds like Bella is as 'sick' as Hannah when she gets sick... One time Hannah was 'sick' and mum and dad took her town and on the way home they went to maccas.... Hannah order a LARGE McChicken burger MEAL!!...lol...

Great photos Blanche. LOVE the one of charlotte the grump.. ahhhh SO cute..!!

:: fiona harding :: said...

Your photo of grumpy Charlotte was brilliant. Love the blurred vignette. Excellent 8-)

kimmers said...

Oh Hobart is so beautiful. I am missing it like crazy!

Nettie's Blog said...

Great view of Hobart and i love your pis and that building ..i want to know what it is too????... i love it that you have one up on Noey too He heheh
Jackson is so cute i always feel bad as when Carmey comes up or i go down there to Hobart we never seem to get time just to hang out... guess there is always the eternities...mmmmm!!!!!i might have to wait a bit though....

Aimee said...

your photos are great blanche.... looks like it was pretty cold though. hope bella's back to eating lots again- i like that photo of her smiling.

Stephen and Chernoa said...

Jackson is just so handsome:) love him to bits:) Good work Blanche but i will get a new photo up that is better then yours:)

Hannah Challis said...

I really should have been on that walk!!! Then you could have added 3 more!!!

lauracritchfield said...

oh sorry I posted my coomment about this walk under the trumpet comment - I have issues..

Bride said...

Looks like a nice walk.
Have you had your enrichment meeting that we were talking about yet??? i need some of your ideas soon