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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Field Trip

So...I've almost finished my adult ed photography class - last one this Monday evening. On Saturday we had a 'field Trip' to
Cornelian Bay. We were encouraged to have a good look around and 'frame up' some photos in our mind's eye before taking any for real photographs.Then to think about the settings for the camera.
We then 'losely' followed a track that took us from the playground around behind the boatsheds to a tiny little beach which gives you a beautiful view of the Tasman Bridge and Derwent River. We walked up over a slight rise and came back along the train tracks. I have to admit this isn't really my thing to take photos of landscapes etc but it was a good day out. In all, I took about 150 photos (27 I like!!) which is no where near as many as everyone else. After we finished a few of us enjoyed a hot drink at the Boathouse (yummo).
When others revealed they had taken 200, 300, 350 photos I immediately thought...oops. But you know what? there's only so much you can photograph in one spot :) Plus I was thinking of having to go through them all at home to choose some to print for our last class. I was actually nicely surprised with some of the pics, I might even enlarge a couple and put them up somewhere!
I'll post the ones I like best.

The last one is my favourite I think.

What do you think?
I welcome feedback and constructive criticism,
helpful hints etc, it all helps.


kimmers said...

I think they are fantastic. I want to take a class like this. Seriously. You are awesome!

The Exquisite Instigator said...

I love ALL pictures! U're a great photographer. Wish someone could teach me...

The Parsons Family said...
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The Parsons Family said...

I love the third picture, black and white with the corrugated iron and ladder going into the water. Cool Blanche!

The Kings said...

You are really good Blanche! I love the second one - of the two buildings together and the round windows. Well done.

I am Elle said...

I don't think these are very good, and I don't think you should bother to enlarge any of them... but you know, do whatever you want...!!

ok, so seriously, these look GREAT!! I really like the last one too!!

Bride said...

LOVE the second and third pics... gorgeous!!!

The Carmichaels said...

Your classes sound like fun...think it's nearly time for me to check it all out :)
I like the colour in the 2nd pic and the last one is kewl too!

Blanche said...

thanks for all the positive comments everyone.
We'll see what the teacher says when I present them at my class tomorrow night. The most frustrating thing is that we can't digitally enhance them at all, so no Photoshop or editing allowed! wish me luck :)

The Williams family said...

Awesome Blanche!
i love them.the one of the green plant would look awesome framed up or on a canvas:)
the course sounds fab :)
cute that Charli saw her Ammon. :)
lv bron

Aimee said...

hope your final class went well. Looks like you really have gained a lot from it and your photos are great. My 1st favourite is the third pic (black and white), 2nd fav- the second one down, 3rd fav- green plant.
well done, you're very clever.