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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chocolates in Rhyme

On Sunday we packed our lunch and some munchies, piled into the car
and made the trek to Latrobe.
Recently there was a national poetry competition called 'Chocolates in Rhyme'.
It was open to all schools Australia wide to participate and prizes were awarded
in several age categories; lower primary (Kinder - gr 3), upper primary (Gr 4-6),
junior secondary (Gr 7-9), and senior secondary (Gr 10 -12).
Reuben's poem won RUNNER UP in the upper primary section.
He didn't know about his success until we were on our way there. I just handed him the letter I had received and asked him to read it out. He was so surprised and pretty chuffed. Check out the photos below of him reading the letter.
He received a certificate and some money and got t
o read out his poem to everyone present.Reubs loves to write and it comes very naturally to him.
Last year I found a stash of songs that he had written! They were excellent.
He even has tunes in his head to go with them (he gets that from Matt I think) Matt is going to help him compose them. Any way back to the poetry...so we thought even though driving to Latrobe and back on a very wet, miserable day wasn't exactly our idea of a fun day out, we would do it for Reuben. It meant a lot to him and has given him a real boost.
It was also nice that Nanny and Koro and uncle
Laurie were up that way visiting Jimbo and Aimee so they were all able to be there as well.
On Monday at school we had a special assembly where Reuben received another certificate
and read his poem to the school.
He was a little embarrassed but I could tell that he was also feeling really special...
and so he should!

Well done Reubs, you are so clever.

A Chocolate Land

Imagine living in a chocolate house
with a chocolate car
and a chocolate mouse.

Everything would be chocolate,
dark, or milky brown,
imagine the queen of England
with a chocolate crown.

Chocolate rain falls from the sky,
through the air chocky birds fly.

Chocolate men walk through the town
Everything would be a milky brown.

You don't have to worry about going to the shop
to get a chocolate bar,
you can just go outside
and eat the chocolate car!

-Reuben Sayers-


The Parsons Family said...

awesome Reuben... I'll show your poem to Darby tonight. She loves writing poems!

The Lovell Family said...

Well done Reuben. Glad that they made a fuss at school what a fantastic effort!!