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Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's in an name?

This is our Rooster....

He's a pretty good looking sort and I think the girls (by that I mean the female chooks!) kinda like him 'cause they never seem to mind his 'advances'.
We got 'the rooster' from mum and dad after their chooks had babies (so cute) last year. Mum was hoping for a few more chickens but ended up with about 10 roosters!
We wanted to have our own babies too and things have been going quite well until about the last fortnight. Our rooster has never been an early riser, thank goodness, and will only crow at about 7.30am which is quite civilised.


He has changed his habits over the last couple of weeks and now he IS an early riser who crows at 6.05 am every morning. NOT GOOD seeing as though we live in a suburban area surrounded by (long suffering) neighbours. So we decided through bleary eyes this morning that he has to go!

I thought I'd make it a little bit more fun than just taking him back to mum and dad's farm, so if don't mind the sound of a 6.05am 'cockadoodle do' you might like our rooster.
All you have to do is guess his name.
If you don't want him but want to have a guess anyway that's ok too!
Or if you want him but don't guess the right name, you can still have him.

AND for those of you who are thinking "Just eat him"
forget it, that's not happening!


The Carmichaels said...

I guess Percy...

Our next door neighbours dog has also changed his habits of late and is driving us NUTS at 11am, 3am, 5am - so sadly we can relate! We wish she would have a give away! Actually maybe your rooster could come for a sleepover for a few nights for some payback!

Bride said...

Funny Angela!
He is a very cool looking rooster, but not at 6am!!!

I am Elle said...

umm.. I am guessing his name is 'Dead' - coz thats what'll happen if you bring him here... SO, I am not really going to guess.... ! He's a nice looking rooster though.. but I have a fear of roosters because one bt me on the leg when I was a little kid and it HURT and I've never forgotten it!!

Nettie's Blog said...

i guess his name is Roger the Rooster... or Sparticus or Nephi of Ben Hur or something like that...(was it only one guess per post???)
i am so glad he is not going in the pot he is a handsome brute....

i cant have him either but what about Zoo Doo for a home ?????

kimmers said...

Maybe I can take him .... I have a hard time getting up to my 3 alarms in the morning ... hahaha. :)