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Where do I begin? I guess At the beginning! I live in beautiful Tasmania, Australia with my wonderful hubby, Matthew and our four angels (part time devils) Isaac, Reuben, Isabella, and Charlotte. Currently I'm a stay-at-home mum and I absolutely love that. Nothing else compares. I'm also studying the Master of Teaching part-time and I'm serving as the relief society president of our ward. I love being outside, especially in summer. I love big windows & lots of light. I love swimming, running and mowing the lawn! my favourite vegetable is carrots (or potatoes if mum's baked them) and I love fresh fruit salad. My most favourite thing to do is spend time with my precious family.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


What the heck is this??????

Yesterday after church Bethan came to play at our house. It was a grey, rainy day so we decided it would be a good idea to make something. So what did we make????



Well it's not REALLY boogers, but it did look like that.

So what did we make?


Clare said...

bakers toast/ honeycomb?

Debbie said...

looks like honeycomb to me

Stephen and Chernoa said...

honeycomb orrrrr honey joys?????

I am Elle said...

Is say you really DID make boogers... or toffee??

The Parsons Family said...

and they are all gone here!

Matthew said...

Yeah you're all right. (Not that hard really I suppose) It's honeycomb BUT not just any honeycomb. It's Green Honeycomb. Reuben thought it'd be a good idea to see what would happen if you put green food colouring in the the golden syrup. Now he knows...it turns green - who knew??!!

Blanche said...

Oops forgot to sign in!!