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Thursday, April 23, 2009

going going gone...

For ages Bella has been asking me to cut her hair into a short bob like mine.  I have been a little opposed to the idea simply because with her hair being long she can easily do it herself by pulling it quickly into a pony tail. It's easy to put up for dancing, swiming and soccer etc.  She has pretty hair and it suits her long. Eventually I came to realise that she is probably old enough to make decisions about her hair now so two weeks ago (I know I'm a bit slow blogging it) we got the scissors out and went for the BIG CHOP!  here are the photos.  I'm interested to know what you think Bride.  

BEFORE: Bella with her cuzzy, Jack at Christmas time

The first snips! 
(Bella very excited, me very nervous)

AFTER: So beautiful.
We reached a compromise with the length.  
Long enough to fit in a pony tail but short enough to be a bob.


The Kings said...

Oh it looks so nice! Nice job.

Debbie said...

yes it looks very nice. very grown up

Stephen and Chernoa said...

I LOOOVEEEEE it! She is so pretty:) it looks heaps darker???? or was that just the picture??

The Williams family said...

so nice she wants to look like her Mum...very special

Bride said...

wow! your putting me out of a job for when i get back... Bella's hair is my favourite to cut... she has beautiful hair...
Great job Blanche!
Bella, you look gorgeous, and you look so much more like Mummy now!
I think it looks darker too.

Blanche said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone. I have been waiting for you to see the post Bridey...cause I was too scared to tell you I had done it!!!! Don't worry though, there's heaps of work for you when you get back!
I think it is just the photo that makes it look darker.