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Thursday, June 3, 2010


While we were on the Gold Coast at Christmas time Matt lost his wallet...somewhere between Coles and our accommodation.  We retraced our steps, asked in every business along the strip, called the police (on the off chance someone had found it) and tore apart our room and car in the hope of uncovering it - No luck! .  It was so inconvenient to have to cancel our cards and organise replacements and all that that entails while travelling. We really needed to be able to use our 'plastic'!  Despite being cardless we managed to survive and once we got home everything was quickly sorted.  We have lived the last 6 months without giving this experience a second thought...until today when Matt collected our mail.  Tucked away between the bills, birthday invitations, and mountains of catalogues was a plump little package from ANZ.  Yep, someone found Matt's wallet in Miami on the Gold Coast just last month and handed it in to our bank!! we couldn't stop laughing because despite the finders' obvious honesty and good intentions, Matt doesn't need it anymore.  He has a nice new wallet and nice, shiney new cards to match.
If you are the person who found it and returned it...thanks though because we have learnt a valuable lesson;  never give up hope when something is supposedly lost, it may come home one day.

Now, I wonder where my engagement ring is...


Fiona said...

Lunch.... Monday... where do you want to go??

Nettie's Blog said...

Perhaps Matt needs to buy you a nice big shiny diamond to go with his nice new wallet and shiny new cards...(but it wont be a fat wallet after you buy the shiny ring will it???)

I am Elle said...

wowzer. That is amazing. I hope the million dollars cash was still in it!!! Some people on this earth are just to good.. .. others are just bogans though!!..

Bride said...

ha ha ha!!!! wow so bizarre!
wouldn't it be great if your engagement ring tuned up!!!

Aimee said...

oh, I didn't know this happened on your trip. what a pain!
so funny that it turned up months later though. good to know there are honest people out there, even if it was too late and cards had to be cancelled etc.
hope your engagement ring appears very soon.