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Friday, October 23, 2009

Jim & Sue

last month Carmen & Chernoa asked if I would like to take some photos of their parents, Jim & Sue. They offered to pay me but seeing as though I have no qualifications other than a keen interest and an adult ed course under my belt I said I'd do it for nothing and notch it up to experience.

We met at the warf for a few shots and moved around to a few other locations nearby. It was a perfect day for photos all morning but as Murphy would have it by lunch time (when we had planned to meet) the rain had began to sprinkle. It wasn't heavy rain at all but we did get wet and it did ruin a number of good photos. Flat, drenched hair never looks good really!

Anyway...Jim and Sue were a bit nervous and I must admit I was a little nervous too. It's not like taking photos of your own family who have to love you no matter what. I was worried about the weather and very conscious of the fact this was quite possibly the only chance we would have to get together. And then when I was going through them later I would look at a photo I thought was pretty nice and then wonder "will they like it", "Is that the way they normally look", "will their eye for what looks good agree with mine". Eventually I managed to choose about 30 that I thought were the best of them all. I've put up just a few that were my favourites.

This is my very favourite and the one I think they should put up!!!

Thanks for a fun day, it was a real learning experience for me.
Now I just need to get my head around editing.


:: fiona harding :: said...

Looks to me like you've already nailed the editing side of things. Well done. Fantastic shots!

Bride said...

i love them! im sure they will too! that last one is my favourite as well

The Carmichaels said...

Good work Blanche! I'm loving my course, its fun to learn what all the different buttons/settings do. Are you going to do the follow up course?

Nettie's Blog said...

i cant wait to go to my course either ..just have to find time to book it...i have a free one from when we bought the camera ..just havent found a time that suits the tutor and me as the same time...after the big move maybe????
Love the pics of Jim and Sue...can see why you cant choose...they are great.

I am Elle said...

Good work Blanche. Your getting really good! :)

P.S ya should've taken the $$$ hahah!

Stephen and Chernoa said...

Hey Blanche!! they are really good:) But dont think you got away with nothing...im pretty sure carmie has something under her belt;) very talented.

The Kings said...

They are great! Your editing is excellent. I really need to learn how to edit (and still need to learn how to use my camera!). I'm sure they love them.

The Parsons Family said...

I love kissing photos!!!! Way to go Blanche, its fun aint it?!

The Williams family said...

these are great Blanche

kimmers said...

These pics are great! Wish you were here and I would have you photograph me. Or maybe I should just come over there again. Haha.