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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Just having a look through some photo folders on my desk top and realised I hadn't blogged the rest of our trip we took at the end of the year.  So here is a little bit more.

We stayed in Coffs Harbour for several days and had a wonderful time.  The weather was perfect.
We did all the touristy things and checked out the BIG BANANA.

They have some new attractions there since we saw it last (that was almost 16 years ago so I guess a bit of progress is to be expected!)  The attraction loved by us the most was definitely the water park!
Heaps of blow up water slides, jumping castles and mazes. FUN!

We stayed in a little resort that was in the process of 'changing hands'.  It had everything you would need but really was in need of a bit of a face lift.  The outlook was beautiful, the chalet was comfortable, our bed was HUGE but I go a bit of a bad vibe here.  I never felt 100% relaxed when we were at the accommodation.
Don't know why, just did.  I kind of felt like something sinister had happened there or that this place was haunted, you know a kind of eerie feeling was hanging around there.  No one else felt it, just me.  It was here though that the kids got eaten by mozzies.  This would prove to be a VERY BAD thing - maybe that was the source of the vibe?

Among the other touristy things we did was visit the botanical gardens.  When we were here last (on our honeymoon) the gardens were just getting underway.  Now they are very well established and quite beautiful (but not a patch on ours).  This place actually added to the weird vibe I had lingering about me.  I remember getting ticked off with Matt when we arrived here and I was quite grumpy to him...but I didn't really know why! (no, not PMS) I think I was just out of sorts and couldn't shake the feeling.  Reuben decided to hang out with me and we took turns with the camera.  He has a good eye so I think I have a kindred spirit in him when it comes to photography, actually he could probably teach me a thing or two!

Check out these knotted limbs.  Good pic Reubs :)

we were surprised to turn a corner and be faced with what looked like a crop circle in the middle of a field.  Reuben stood there shouting "beam me up..." but nothing happened.  Finally we came to the conclusion it was the markings for a maze.

Over this bridge we found ourselves in a mangrove...spooky.  And it only got spookier when I spied this doll lying in the mud amongst the debris.  By this stage my mind was working overtime!  It just looked like a shot from one of those awful horror movies. The kind that have little kids hauntingly singing some children's song over and over again .

Needless to say this did nothing for the way I was feeling.

Coffs Harbour does have a lot to offer though.  It really is quite beautiful.

I reckon we'll go back...but we'll stay somewhere else next time!


Essie said...

That's a little freaky!! Totally caught the vibe after reading your post and the doll pic!

Donna said...

Oh dear... kind of scarey for you Blanche. That pic of the doll was freaky, good pic though. Other than that, holiday sounds wonderful!

Hannah Challis said...

Don't you hate being ticked off when you don't know what from! Poor husbands - they take a beating from us ticked off woman sometimes lol!!!

Aimee said...

i love all these photos, just a shame about the creepiness you were feeling. You write so well...i got the giggles thinking about it though cause I could totally imagine something like that happening to me and jimbo.. I'd be feeling all freaked out and he'd be thinking what's the deal.
Anyways, loved hearing more about your trip and looking at the cool photos!

Nettie's Blog said...

got to love the creepy part now sort of funny when you look back...but when you were there and right on the spot in the moment so to speak...it is definately not funny and the old heart is doing those leap frog things...it is scary

kimmers said...

Amazing photos! And the one of the doll is super freaky. I think I would have been pretty spooked.

Bride said...

that photo still freaks me out!!!