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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Day

Charlotte started Kindergarten yesterday!!

Has this been a long time coming or what?

Not for me but for my last born! It's the end of an era for me and I'm feeling a little bit sad but ok. I am ready to discover what the next chapter has in store for us.

Charlotte's first trip to the school was when she was only 2 days old and since she could talk she has been asking when the day will come that she can stay 'for real'.

Yesterday morning everyone was up bright and early (except for Isaac - he had a student free day) and eager to get to school to check out their new rooms and catch up with friends. Reuben is in year 6 this year, Bella in year 3 and Isaac is in year 8.

Mt Nelson has a new Kinder teacher, Heather Hazell, who was teaching at Maydena before coming to us. She is young and enthusiastic and is great with kids. She seemed very relaxed and at home. My other three children all had the same kinder teacher, Mrs Nolan, who was absolutely wonderful so we were a little disappointed when she told us last year that she was going to retire (lucky thing she's pretty young to be retiring, she's only in her mid fifties!) It's not bad though seeing as though the new teacher is so lovely. Plus Mrs Nolan lives just down the road from us so we see her all the time :)

It was so weird seeing Charli all dressed up like a big kid. She seems so much older.

This photo DIDN'T capture the moment! really and truly they were all very excited to be returning to school

I'm sure that by grade 6 she will have grown into her "anything but pink" backpack.

All day long I kept looking behind me and wondering, for a second, where Charlotte was. Then I'd remember and wonder what fun things she would have to tell me at 3 o'clock.

P.S Thanks for the loan of your camera Chels x


The Kings said...

Nice to see you had a good camera for the first day :)
She looks so cute in her uniform. It must be strange not having her there. I have Harri at school full time this year so it's just Kobe and I which is very strange too.

Debbie said...

First day at school pics always make me feel nostalgic.
Charlie does look so grown up.
The changes when the first one starts school and then when the last one starts are as big for the mum as the kids.
(I was wondering where you got the camera from.)

I am Elle said...

awesome. Charlotte looks VERY pleased with herself heading off to school!!
Can't believe school is back already!!! Time is going WAY TO FAST!

The Parsons Family said...

awwwe, thats gunna be Hattie next week! Green and yellow and no pink back pack! Ahh those two! Darbs and B went to their first after school art class and your neighbour a few up was there with his daughter.She is in Reubens class at school. So that was nice! Any time for the camera xox

Bride said...

ohhh she looks gorgeous and soooo BIG!
did she have a great day? silly question!
Mary (over the road) told us her grandson got home from his first day at school and said it was "BORING"
had to laugh, it's going to be a long 14 or so years for him lol

I bet Charlie Loved it!

The Lovell Family said...

She looks so cute! Put a school uniform on them and they look so grown up. She looks so much like you (lucky kid!!)

Carmichaels said...

Big difference having your baby starting opposed to your first born I imagine...I reckon she knows all the ropes!! Mixed emotions for you too.
I was going to say if you ever need to take pics of the kids school stuff or whatever I can always drop mine into you :)

PS - damn Australia Post!

Nettie's Blog said...

they grow so quickly dont they...cute
the teacher wont know what has hit her when Hattie gets there.... he he

The Williams family said...

sooooo adorable