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Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas pageant

Last Saturday our family did as many other Hobartian families did and took to the streets of Hobart to watch the Christmas Pageant. It was a cool morning and I had the WORST headache I've ever experienced (it lasted for 3 days!!!! horrible) but I was so glad we went. I think the last time we went Reuben was a baby. I loved the Christmas spirit that was everywhere. The parade was so colourful and multicultural. I took lots of photos and I've made a little book for Charlotte to read during 'quiet' times. Anyway check out this years' Hobart Christmas Pageant in photos:

the kids were pretty excited to see these guys walking our streets!

the dragon was my favourite! They came right up to the crowd. so cool.

Go Hawks!

Kilroy was even there!



Bride said...

great pictures... Looking through them made me wish i was there too!
tried to do the pageant in the city here... but it didn't happen, I was so disappointed we missed out.

Debbie said...

the colour in your pics is great.

Nettie's Blog said...

awwww ;i am a sucker for a parade!!!
I missed the Launnie one as i was down in Hobart this saturday...so thanks for sharing..loved the4 kilts...mens legs and a pleated kilt gets me everytime...

Hannah Challis said...

Looks like a great parade. Lovely photos! Bet you guys are getting excited now! (about your trip!)

Aimee said...

oh cool, i have good memories of the Hobart Christmas pageant. what great photos! hope the headaches have gone forever- that's nasty.