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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Far Out Man...

This post is a little late but I was unable to put any photos on because I took all of these on mum's camera on the night and only today had a chance to get them onto my computer. Anyway better late than never I guess. Plus Matt will be 40 for a whole year!!!

Matt's 40th birthday party was held during the school holidays. As it turns out school holidays is probably not the best time to have a party, everyone goes away! It was a bit of a shame that quite a few of our friends were away or unable to come but we had a fun night nonetheless.

Seeing as though Matt was born in 1969 - the year of Woodstock, the first moon landing, the time of Sonny and Cher, the Beatles, Jimmi Hendrix, Bob Marley and the Vietnam War. to name just a few, we thought a '69 dance party would be fun. We hoped that everyone would channel their inner flower child and get into the groove. Almost everyone got into the spirit of the night and did dress up. These photos are just in random order. I have no time to organise them sorry.

Mum and dad looked fabulous as 'woodstock hippies'

Toni Menzie looking very cool

It was great for Matt to have all of his siblings there. Lou and Dan came down from Sydney and Jimbo and Aimee made the trek from Shearwater. It was so wonderful to meet our new little Nephew, Oliver (Lou and Dan's bub). He's a cutie. We think he looks a bit like his daddy.


Sonny and Cher
(I actually didn't recognise Keith when he walked in)

The Birthday Boy and Me (the boots were great Bride!)

Our next door neighbour and good friend Karen and her daughter Holly. Simon (Hubby) was on babysitting duty with Charlotte and baby twins Max and Ben.

Reuben made and Awesome Jimmi Hendrix

Neighbours (on the other side) and good friends Paul and Jen.
Jen also turns 40 at the end of this month and is having her own 'woodstock party'
in a few weeks.

My cousin Joel (not a great photo of him - sorry Joel) and Bruce Menzie.

A few other guests, Sue Smith, Debbie Carmichael, Andy King, Steve King, and Garry Carmichael- notice how the 'didn't dress up' lot stuck together!!!!

Matt with his family
Louisa, Amy, James, Joe, Paul, Dawn & Keith

getting our groove on

this was a delicious mud cake - I'll post the recipe later cause it's a good one!
I made the cake and mum decorated it. Unfortunately it was very hard to photograph. But it did look 'cool'. Mum put a lot of effort into it, making all of those musical notes etc. The golden 'stuff' on top is toffee, it looked like hair! and the choc tipped strawberries were perfect and nicely matched our chocolate fountain (yummo)

The most gorgeous Hippy award goes to.... Aimee (and Meg of course)

Our family with Ma and Pa. Isaac didn't want his photo taken but he is there hiding behind me!

Thanks everyone for helping Matt to celebrate getting to the top of the hill.
He wants everyone to know that the view is totally amazing!!


Debbie said...

It as a great night. Actually I thought my clothes were from 1969. I seem to have had them that long anyway. The cake was awesome. It looked better in real life. I was very impressed, and it tasted great too.
HaPpY BiRthDaY Matt.
The photos are great, you did have some good subjects.

I am Elle said...

Everyone looks SO awesome (except for the losers that spoil the fun and don't dress up -there's ALWAYS at least ONE!!)...
Looks like a great night! You guys did awesome with the costumes!!! Those boots are WICKED!!

The Williams family said...

these dress ups are sooo great
everyone looks fantastic
bron :)

Bride said...

awesome! everyone looks fantastic...Boots turned out great!!!!
Wish we could have been there :(
I have to have the recipe for the mud cake, it looks great!
Reuben looks great, i thought Dawn looked like CHER??? lol!

The Kings said...

oh how fun!!!!!!! Looks like an excellent night! You all look great.

Nettie's Blog said...

That is so cool you guys ...Happy Birthday to the "Old Foggie" ...but do you know what i actually lived in that era and that is scary...because i saw those days flash by as i scrolled down...mini skirts, boots. haead bands, long hair , bright shycadelli florals and checked clothes, Jimmy Hendricks and Woodstock....the list goes on... The good ole days...MMMMMmmm ..but were they????

Blanche said...

Bridey, Dawn WAS Cher! I asked her where her leather jacket, black thong and fishnet stockings were! she said "that was the 80's" so guess what we're having next??...yep and 80's party, just so Dawn can get into that costume!!! NOT.

The Parsons Family said...

yay, bout time you put these up.... no pics of me and Dave!!!! I see Hattie probably hoisting up her tights!!! We had fun.

The Carmichaels said...

Your family looked very groovy all dressed up! I turn 30 next year, maybe I'll have to go 80's theme...

The Lovell Family said...

Looks like great fun. What great costumes you all had. Happy Birthday Matt!!

Hannah Challis said...

Wish we were there....... i wonder if we would have been invited??? lol It's always nice to think you would have been! :-) You did a great job with it all by the looks of it! Wouldn't expect anything less!!!!!

kimmers said...

Oh my word, this is awesome. I just love you guys!